Titan True Whey & Oats

Titan True Whey & Oats

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Introducing the unquestionably best meal replacement in the world.

At last an MRP that you can totally trust, is sensationally delicious, is incredibly good for you and is nutritionally better than the very best known MRPs to be found anywhere.

Combining Titan’s sensational True Whey, a class-leader in the world of micro-filtered whey protein, with an organic, non-GMO stone-milled oats – and nothing else. Sheer purity, sheer simplicity and sheer goodness.

Where else can you get 24 grams of protein of such dependable quality? Where else would you be able to get that sort of protein volume and quality together with all the benefits that 100% cold-climate organic oats can deliver for this sort of price? Never mind the convenience! It just hasn’t been possible till now.

With each 50g serving you can vitalize your body with nearly ten grams of BCAAs and glutamine combined, not to mention ample dietary fibre. It also contains no saturated fat or sugar of any sort, yet is a viable source of vital minerals, electrolytes and trace elements.

And did we mention taste? It’s Titan – and that means it tastes brilliant.

  • 100% Whey
  • Cold Fold Technology
  • Low Carbs
  • Low Fat
  • Organic sources
  • Frutafit
  • Sugar Free
  • High Fibre
  • Aspartame Free
  • Contains no banned substances